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Sprouting Beans

I totally thought that sprouting things was  way more trouble than it was worth, but it’s actually super easy and way gratifying! It’s like having a jar full of new babies every three days, except these are edible babies.

You need four things:

1. glass mason jar

2. stainless steel sprouting screen (which you can make at home or buy precut…if you make it just make sure you buy a screen that your beans can’t fall through)

3. dry beans to sprout (mung, lentil, adzuki) (I used a mixture)

4. water!

Step 1: Soaking

Put your beans in a jar, fill it with water, and then strain the beans (for a quick rinse). Then add new water so that the ratio of beans to water is 1:3 (for the math challenged, this means 1 cup of beans to 3 cups water; or, a half cup beans and one and a half cups water). Let the beans soak for 8-12 hours.

Step 2: Rinsing

After the 8-12 hour soak is complete, strain the water. Then fill with more water, swirl the beans in it (talk to them, give them some lovin), and strain. Repeat swirly-lovin-rinse one or two times. Repeat the 2-3 rinses every 8-12 hours for 3 days.

Step 3: Eat

But before you eat, tell your babies you love them.

The next post will be alfalfa sprouts!


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*disclaimer:  for those of you  snobs who don’t want to read about the reproductive system BEWARE (that includes you person who clicked on the “boobs” tag via the wordpress homepage)**

I just want to shout out to my boobs (and my bf’ing daughter) because for 7 months postpartum, they have kept me menstruation free. That’s right, sisters, I have not had HELL appear in my lower abdomen in the form of death-cramps for 17 months.

And since I am anti-medication, especially painkillers, especially while breastfeeding, this is a VERY good thing.

Dear breasts,

I love you.

And keep it up or I’ll shove you in that too-small push up bra and do that boob-jiggling dance I’ve wanted to try since seventh grade.


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Photo of Today

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Wow…ninety degrees? So soon. Remember two weeks ago? When I complained about the looong winter?

My a/c is on, today. And yesterday, my baby scooted off of the waterproof pad and peed all across our bed.

Because she was naked. Because it was damn hot.

Yesterday my mom and I talked about the weather apocalypse:

Me: California is going to fall off the planet.

Mom: We got out just in time!

Mom: Carl Sagan predicted all this.

Me: Mmmhm.

Mom: Mmhm.

I don’t know who Carl Sagan is.

But Wikipedia told me his son wrote some episodes of Star Trek, so he must be a credible source.

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